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Are you looking for a medical waste removal service that stresses compliance, affordability, and reliability?

Whether you’re a large hospital or a small doctors’ office, there are three crucial points that you must consider before choosing a Medical Waste Removal Service Provider.

  1. Compliance – Compliance with State and Federal laws governing the disposal of medical waste is not a choice. It is the law.

  2. Affordable Pricing - It is possible to obtain a Medical Waste Removal Service Provider at affordable rates. More often than not, you are being charged more than what is necessary.

  3. Reliability - Affordable Price does not mean Compromised Reliability and Customer Service. BioMedical Waste Solutions pays special attention to customer scheduling to ensure your facility gets the attention and customer service it deserves.

Our pricing structure is designed to offer affordable waste removal, strict regulatory compliance and uncompromised customer service and reliability. Give us a call and discover the difference we make on every pickup.

Compliance is the law, not a choice.
Central Polution and State Polution laws require “cradle to grave” tracking of medical waste and sharps disposal.

Our unique bar coding system tracks your waste from the time it leaves your office or establishment to the time it is destroyed. Once your waste is disposed off, your office will receive a “Destruction Certificate” that states the date and time that your waste was destroyed.

Choose a company that manages every aspect of your medical and biohazardous waste management while providing reliable customer service at affordable prices with due compliance of laws and regulations.

How Do You Want Your Medical Waste to Be Removed?
Effective medical waste removal is more than “picking up your waste at a good price.” It’s about reducing your liability, correctly managing your waste stream and simplifying your access to disposal products .

We offer a complete medical waste management solution including:

Compliant Medical Waste Management
An array of Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal Service Lines
Complete Office Disposal Supplies
Expired/Recalled Drug Destruction
Document Destruction
HIPPA Compliance

Special Offers

Maridi Eco Industries Pvt Ltd company offers “Group Purchasing Discounts.”

Leverage your buying power by contracting as a ‘company’ vs. a ‘location’ when you
represent several locations with our

* Standardizing Pricing &
* Contract Consolidation

If your facility is part of a network of locations, let us know!


It’s great to know we’re saving money, being compliant, and know I can find out at any time when my next pick-up is going to be.”
-- Susan P, Dental Office

Our Medical Waste Removal Clients Include:

Dialysis Centers
Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers
And Many Other Industries that Produce Medical Waste or Sharps Waste

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