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Did you know that if your company uses sub-standard sharps containers to dispose sharpsyour company may be liable to lawsuits in the event of an employee getting injured?

As a Medical Waste Disposal company, we are keenly aware of the need for proper handling and disposal of medical waste. We offer ergonomically designed poly bags and sharps containers that feature a user safety which enable sharps disposal accuracy.
Categories of bio-medical waste
Waste category Contents
Category No. 1 Human anatomical waste
(tissues,organs etc)
Category No. 2 Animal waste
(tissues,organs,fluids, experimental animals etc)
Category No. 3 Microbiology and biotechnology waste
( waste from lab cultures,stocks of microbes,live/attenuated vaccines etc)
Category No. 4 Waste sharps
( needles,syringes,scalpels,blades,glass etc)
Category No. 5 Discarded medicines and cyto-toxic drugs
Category No. 6 Soiled waste
( soiled dressings,plaster etc)
Category No. 7 Solid waste
( tubings,catheters etc)
Category No. 8 Liquid waste
( waste from housekeeping )
Category No. 9 Incineration ash
Category No. 10 Chemical waste
( used in making biologicals,disinfectants,insecticides)
According to the treatment options the above category can be stored and packed in the following color coded containers / bags
Colour of containers Bags Category Treatment Options
YELLOW BAGS 1,2,3,4,5,6 Incineration
( which includes all plastic waste including syringes without needle)
Microwave / Autoclave and Shredding.
(All waste sharps except syringes)

 Microwave / Autoclave and Shredding

(Only needles )

Placing different kinds of wastes in different containers or coded bags at the point of generation helps to reduce the bulk of infectious waste as well as treatment costs. Maridi sales color coded poly bags and sharp containers also.
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